Not to know, we don’t even know what the design of the Apple Watch Series 8 will be. After all the rumors and leaks failed to fix the design of the Apple Watch Series 7, we know little. or nothing on this year’s watch. What we do know, for now, is that the Apple Watch’s revolutionary health sensors are years away, according to Mark Gurman.

The magic comes from trained models, rather than sensors

Before getting into the news, we need to briefly think about how the Apple Watch performs health measurements. The simple answer is: through your sensors; It has a blood glucose sensor, one for heart rate … The truth, however, is that what our Apple Watch has is a color sensor, with an infrared and green light emitter and that’s from the data. collected and training models that can display blood sugar reading, heart rate, etc.

Developing both the hardware and, most importantly, the trained models to detect certain key metrics for our health takes time. So much so that Mark Gurman, in the latest edition of his weekly newsletter, states that it may take us years to see new relevance sensors.

Apple is working on glucose, blood pressure and temperature sensors, to our knowledge.

According to the Bloomberg reporter, Apple is working on three sensors: the glucose sensor, the blood pressure sensor and the body temperature sensor. We’ve had rumors about this for a long time, but according to Gurman, there are still a few years of development left.

“However, don’t expect any of these [sensores] early. Body temperature was on the roadmap this year, but I’ve heard it has slowed down recently. Blood pressure is at least two or three years old, so I wouldn’t be surprised if blood sugar monitoring didn’t come until later, in the second half of the decade. ”

With that, if we take these predictions for granted, we can see little change in this year’s Apple Watch Series 8. What we have seen is an improvement in the measurement algorithms. With that, the same sensors we all already have on our wrists could give us more precision, do it faster, or even offer us data that until now was not accessible to us. One of the buzz in this regard is the detection of sleep patterns and sleep apnea, which could come with the 8 Series, and possibly older models, without the need for new sensors.

Right now, we’re only nine months away from presenting the new Apple Watch. This means that there is still plenty of time for more information on the future of this year’s watches to emerge. And this is assuming that Apple maintains an annual launch pace, which may well be reduced in the near future to take advantage of a cycle closer to that of the iPad, for example.

Image | David Švihovec