While we all take it for granted that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will debut on September 14 with the iPhone 13, there is a bit of a tight grip on its production. Last week we found out that this new Apple Watch costs more than expected to manufacture, which Mark Gurman is now reiterating.

Low initial availability and high interest

It looks like something like the perfect storm is forming around the Apple Watch Series 7. On the one hand, there is a growing interest in the redesign of the square edges, larger size and increased screen size for this generation. Apple Watch. On the other hand, this same design, with the consequent adaptation of the entire manufacturing process, causes delays in the production chain.

Mark Gurman collects in his most recent newsletter the three possible scenarios for the launch of the Apple Watch: that the announcement be postponed while production stabilizes, that the announcement be given the following day 14 and that few units are available or that the announcement be given this the following day 14 and start to be available later.

Of these three possibilities, Gurman predicts that we will see the new Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the iPhone 13, but that there will be some models of the watch arriving later or in small quantities.

Great interest in the new design, the new screen, the extra battery, etc.

But if you can’t wait to get the new watch, you might have to. My colleague Debby Wu and I reported that the new screen had production issues. When this happens with a new product, there are usually three outcomes: the announcement is delayed until the issues are resolved, the product is released on time in small quantities, or the device is announced on time but is put up for sale later. It looks to me like we’ll see an announcement at the regular September event alongside the iPhone, but there will be a mix of models coming out late or in small quantities. This shouldn’t be too foreign to those who witnessed the launch of the original Apple Watch in 2015.

Due to the interest in this particular Apple Watch, it looks like those first units – which will arrive, if our calculations are correct, on September 14th – will fly away quickly during the early hours of booking. Remember that this Apple Watch in addition to presenting a complete overhaul will host a 16% larger screen. The additional space and reduction in the size of internal components can also mean increased battery capacity.

Like the most enthusiastic of the brand that we already know, a difference of 5 minutes between two orders can mean a week of difference in the date of arrival. If the forecasts are correct and this Friday, September 17, reservations for what was presented on Tuesday will be open, we will have to fly.