The enormous dedication that Apple puts into the development of the Apple Car cannot seem to go unnoticed. This titanic project seems to be receiving more and more attention within the Cupertino offices, since according to Insider, Kevin Lynch, head of Apple Watch will join the team.

More talent in the team responsible for the future Apple car

According to the report, Apple will move one of the best-known executives to Project Titan. We’ve seen Kevin Lynch in several of the latest keynotes that Apple has always celebrated when talking about the Apple Watch or its health capabilities. With the title of vice president of technology, which will remain unchanged, Lynch will now be part of an entirely different project: the Apple Car.

Lynch’s team is known, among other things, for their work in creating the Health app, released in 2014, and for coding the EKG function, designed to check the electrical activity of the heartbeat and detect fibrillation. little finger. Other teams are creating the algorithms behind the health sensors.

At this time, we don’t know how much of his daily life Lynch will devote to Project Titan, and as a result, he will stop devoting himself to his responsibilities for the Apple Watch and the healthcare teams. What we do know is that Evan Doll, whose role is to lead the healthcare software engineering team, will take on some of Lynch’s responsibilities within the healthcare team. A team headed by Jeff Williams, COO of Apple.

Lynch will be leaving the team of COO Jeff Williams, a team of vice presidents of health that includes Dr. Sumbul Desai, chief of care and regulation, Myra Haggerty, who leads the algorithms, Eugene Kim, chief surveillance equipment, and other key drivers of health strategy. Evan Doll, director of healthcare software engineering, will replace Lynch on the list, according to one of the people named. Although Doll will continue to report to Lynch, his absence from this team, which houses the organization’s decision-makers, means he will be less concretely involved in health strategy, two of the people said.

With this move, the Apple Car team, led by John Giannandrea as senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence, will welcome a key new component. Lynch is an expert in software, which is very important for the development and proper functioning of a future autonomous car. A car about which we know very little, but from which we expect a lot. It may take several more years to see an Apple Car, but without a doubt the project is truly titanic.