Apple plans to launch a new Mac Pro next year. Although it does not do it with an Apple Silicon processor but with one from Intel. This is stated by a Twitter user with an acceptable record of success, so we are still a long way from completing the transition to the new architecture.

The problem is, 2022 will be the last year of Intel’s transition to Apple Silicon. So, if a launch is made the same year, it could have an Osborne effect on the Mac Pro Apple Silicon presented shortly thereafter.

A Xeon W-3300 Ice Lake for the next Mac Pro

Apple announced the Mac Pro in its current form in 2019, after several years of drought on that front. Returning to a modular format, the team responded to all complaints and suggestions from Apple’s most pro users. At that time, the company announced that this computer would mount an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 processor cores.

Now a new rumor claims that the new Mac Pro 2022 will repeat Intel’s processor. Only this time it will be the Intel Ice Lake Xeon W-3300 and not an Apple Silicon:

Apple’s MacPro 2022 appears to use Intel’s Xeon-W 33xx series processors …

(LGA4189 iceLake-SP)

– 结 子 安 穗 -YuuKi_AnS (@yuuki_ans) July 26, 2021

That’s what Twitter user Yuuki_Ans said. From WCCFTech, they give weight to what was said by this tweeter, because he knows about Intel workstations and their servers, being “pretty specific in their leaks.” So we can almost take it for granted that this will be a reality.

This new chip has yet to be officially announced, but some of its specifications have recently been disclosed. Among them, we know that it will have up to 38 cores, that it will be based on a 10nm process, will support up to 270W of TDP and eight channels of DDR4-3200 RAM.

Two Mac Pro by 2022 and the Osborne effect

The Osborne effect is well known in the history of computing. The company that gave its name to this infamous phenomenon ended up going bankrupt due to the appearance of new equipment before its time. The Osborne 1 was already on sale and with the new computers leaking there were massive cancellations. The company went bankrupt soon after.

A few weeks before the official announcement of Apple Silicon, we talked about the Osborne effect caused by the Mac with ARM. We now know that Mac sales have been steadily growing, but the possibility of a repeat episode of Osborne with the Mac Pro is very real. If the rumors finally come true, we’ll have two Mac Pros with a different chip and architecture in the same year.

Rumors claim we’ll see a latest Intel-based Mac Pro before a more compact redesign with the Apple Silicon chip

The switch to Apple Silicon was announced in June 2020, for a period of two years. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some gear revamp with an Intel processor, like the 27-inch iMac. In this case, rumors place the redesign of the 30in or 32in iMac in 2022, so there’s plenty of room to not overlap.

Instead, time is running out for the Mac Pro. The transition to the new processors is halfway and 2022 would only have 6 months to complete (11 months if we count from the first Macs with M1). A period of time that could be too short, leading users to prefer to wait for the final team with Apple Silicon.

Of course, Apple’s finances will not be seriously affected by a hypothetical Osborne effect. The Mac Pro is a niche computer that sells very few units per year, but at a steep price. The second-hand market is rare and does not change much. It makes your purchase very thoughtful. Still and all, it will be interesting to see if from Cupertino they prefer to update a team shortly before putting out a new generation Apple Silicon.