The announcement was directly official and without any rumors: Apple bought Primephonic, a streaming service specializing in classical music. Its high-quality catalog can be streamed on Apple Music, while the official Primephonic app will be deactivated on September 7.

Classical music in lossless format, with all metadata, and with the Apple Seal of Quality

Movement makes sense on both sides. Primephonic CEO Thomas Steffens says he created the service to introduce classical music to new generations, which will now be enhanced with Apple Music. At the same time, Apple is left with a very detailed catalog of high-quality classical music that fits like a glove with the company’s latest efforts to bring hi-fi to the world.

The additional contribution of Primephonic over any other music application is the additional metadata designed for music. When in the rest of the genres, it is enough to know the name of the artist, the album or the song; in classical music, the repertoire, the instruments used or the orchestra also count.

All of this will also be reflected in a new Apple app which will be dedicated exclusively to classical music, and which will inherit and improve the user interface of the original Primephonic app. It will be aimed at fans of the genre.

All Primephonic users receive six months free of Apple Music in compensation for closing the app. And until September 7, all Primephonic users can use the service for free. The new app is expected to arrive next year.

Image | Larissa Birta