With iOS 15, Apple announced the addition of identity documents to the Wallet app. Now, the company has just confirmed that the states of Arizona and Georgia will be the first to support the feature in the United States. A promising step forward to put the mess in our pockets and forget about it for good.

A more comfortable way to always have our ID with you

In the United States, the driver’s license is used as an identity document for citizens, as there is no one at the state level (except the passport, which has international validity). This is why integrating the driver’s license into Wallet amounts to having an additional identity document. The states of Arizona and Georgia will be the first to add this feature, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah later.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has also indicated that some airports will participate where to use this identification system. This way, it will be enough to show the document in its digital format on both iPhone and Apple Watch to be able to identify yourself. According to Apple, the system provides security and privacy to the user:

Neither Apple nor the states that issue the card know when and where they are used by the user. The system takes advantage of the security, encryption and privacy protections of the iPhone and Apple Watch, with their characteristic biometric authentication. If an identity reader is used, communication takes place by encryption.

As the screenshots provided by Apple show, the system works the same as an Apple Pay card. By double-clicking on the corresponding button, we will see the information of our document which we will share with the reader, if they wish. Name, date of birth, gender, status and photo between them.

Car, house and now ID

With the same iOS 15 update, users will also be able to create digital keys to access their home. As long as they have the corresponding accessory in HomeKit. Keys that can be shared and taken away from whoever we want.

In 2020, Apple introduced CarKey, its initiative to unlock vehicles without a physical key. BMW first said it would have 14 confirmed models, months later to announce a new version that doesn’t even need to take the iPhone out of your pocket.

Over the years and since the introduction of Apple Pay in 2014, Apple has made a commitment to really get rid of our physical wallets. In seven years, the company laid the groundwork for us to get rid of it. And it does this by integrating our credit cards, loyalty cards, keys and now ID documents on both iPhone and Apple Watch.