The Apple Store app is already a great companion for our visits to the physical Apple Store. Thanks to the app, we can, for example, reserve time for certain purchases or even pay for certain accessories ourselves. Now, this last feature is even easier to use thanks to the new App Clip launched by Apple.

Scan, pay, it’s done.

App Clips are a really interesting bet on Apple’s part. These little mini-apps that don’t require installation and appear on our screen at the right time give a lot of play when it comes to making certain processes easier. A recent example is the new App Clip for the Apple Store app which allows us to further streamline procedures in the company’s physical stores.

As reported in 9to5mac, Apple is starting to announce this new app clip in select Apple Stores around the world. The operation of the system is very simple: we open the camera, scan the code, scan the product using the App Clip and pay.

Until now, this possibility of paying yourself for the products only applies to certain accessories that can be found on the different shelves like covers, cables, headphones, etc. Although in order to pay for an iPhone or Mac Pro we still have to go to an employee, the truth is that the ease of the process for small purchases is greatly increased thanks to this new App Clip.

In an environment where we are more and more accustomed to buying by clicking and receiving merchandise immediately, many of us appreciate that we can purchase certain components quickly and comfortably. Without losing sight of the shopping experience with someone who cares for us, the truth is, the new App Clip from the Apple Store is really interesting. Scan, pay, it’s done.