Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.6, a move that comes a week after the release of iOS 14.7. and just a few hours after the release of iOS 14.7.1. Users who wish to update their operating system must do so to one of these two versions.

Apple stops signing iOS 14.6

As usual in the apple, when new public versions of their operating systems appear, the previous ones are “canceled”. On this occasion, iOS 14.6 can no longer be officially installed on an iPhone. Your users should opt for one of the two most recent versions.

This version of iOS has brought some cool improvements to the iPhone such as compatibility with lossless Apple Music, the incorporation of changes in search and podcasts, among others. Now and with their signature removed, users will be forced to switch to newer versions if they want to upgrade from a previous one.

On top of that, stopping digital signing from previous versions of iOS further complicates the so-called downgrade. Some users use it to be able to jailbreak their iPhone as it takes advantage of unresolved security bugs in older versions.

As Apple removes the signature from previous versions, users tend to install the latest version. Protect against possible security threats, but also close the door to a more accessible jailbreak.