Apple has just added to its online store the possibility of buying the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID without having to buy the iMac M1 that accompanied it until now. This keyboard, as well as its variant without Touch ID, respectively reach 159 euros and 109 euros in the official store of the company.

Touch ID extends to all Macs with M1

The arrival of Touch ID on external keyboards came with the introduction of the new iMac M1. Thanks to this keyboard, we can unlock our new iMac as we would with a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air M1. Until today however, the only way to acquire this keyboard was to choose it as an option with the purchase of a new iMac.

After learning that these new keyboards, in their variant with and without a numeric keypad, work with any Mac equipped with an M1 processor, including the Mac mini presented last October, their interest in acquiring a device was up. With this in mind, Apple today launches this keyboard which is sold as a standalone accessory in the online store.

An accessory, however, that is only available in gray compared to the seven color options we have when we buy it with the new iMac M1. What amounts to the same thing, however, is that with this keyboard, we will receive a gray braided cable, the same that would arrive with the purchase of an iMac.

Thanks to the integration of the M1 processor and the processor inside the keyboard itself, this accessory is able to work with any Apple silicon computer from the company. A very smart move from Apple that will allow users of a Mac mini or a future Mac Pro to take advantage of Touch ID to unlock the respective computers.