Apple has updated the operating system for Apple Watch Series 4 and later. An update, watchOS 8.4.1, which focuses on bug fixes, especially for a situation that may make it difficult to load.

Finishing polishing details after watchOS 8.4

After Apple last week released watchOS 8.4 with support for the Apple Music Voice plan and an initial bug fix that could prevent some chargers from working properly with the watch, the company has just tweaked some details in watchOS 8.4 . .one.

According to the release notes, this update contains unspecified bug fixes on Apple Watch Series 4 and later. Apple did not give any other details regarding this update which, due to its numbering, must be one with minor changes.

Remember that we can update our Apple Watch both from the Clock Settings app and from the Watch app on our iPhone. In both cases we will access General* and then *Software update to carry out the process.

The pace of updates has undoubtedly increased in recent months. Both in the launch of beta versions and in bug fixes, it seems that Apple is much more dynamic. For now, in the beta cycle of watchOS 8.5, we will wait for news.

Picture | RaageshC