Apple has just released the Release Candidate of macOS 12.2 for developers. A beta from which, given the pace of the first and second, no news is expected, although there is always room for the strange surprise.

A performance-driven beta cycle, essentially

The first beta version of macOS 12.2 was released before Christmas. In this first beta, the release notes have already revealed to us that we won’t see any appreciable changes, the biggest change being that now the Music and Apple TV apps will be 100% native. The second beta arrived in exactly the same way, so we hope that this third beta, the RC, will continue with minor and negligible changes, focusing on performance and stability.

It is true that we are still waiting for the arrival of Universal Control, which will allow us to interact with an iPad or Mac from the keyboard of our Mac, but for now this is all we know about this functionality. Until in June 2022, at WWDC, Apple presents the new macOS 13, we will continue to see developments in the beta of version 12.x. A version which, in its last stable version, added SharePlay to the Mac and fixed a few other bugs while improving, incidentally, the performance of compatible machines.

If we want to enter the beta cycle, we can do so by following these steps or by creating a bootable installer for the system, but we must bear in mind that we are talking about development versions that contain errors.

Already in the beta cycle, we will find the update in System Preferences > Software Update as an OTA update. During the first few hours, Apple’s servers may receive more requests than usual, so the wait time may be longer.

Picture | Dmitry Chernyshov