The bitten apple of the Apple logo is one of the most well-known branding exercises in the world. Its evolution has reached the point of being a solid color silhouette, nothing more, but recognizable by almost anyone in the world.

Apple takes advantage of the simplicity of this logo to adapt it to any situation, which, for example, we see very well reflected in the invitations to a corporate event or to the opening of the Apple Store on more iconic. So, following that lead, designer Luke Doyle came up with his own redesigns following various artistic styles.

One apple, many visions

Doyle created six variations of the logo following Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Psychedelic, Pop Art, Retro and 3D styles. The first is very reminiscent of the original Apple logo, and the third somehow reflects the younger, more carefree stage of Steve Jobs. And surely the nostalgic favorite has to be the fifth, in the style of eighties computers.

In some cases, the colors of older versions of the original logo are recalled, which left the apple as a rainbow. Some people miss these colors, and although Apple saves them from time to time, the official logo in 2022 is still a completely solid gray color. If you study design, these six variants may inspire you.