In a context of progressive decentralization of the work of its employees, hitherto monopolized by Cupertino and increasingly relocated, Apple has for weeks been publishing several job offers related to the development of wireless networks, something unprecedented to date: in Spain, apart from store staff, there were only staff with sales, communication and public relations, marketing or localization functions (Siri development, with a team in Barcelona).

Precisely, the development of Siri, which already speaks 21 languages ​​in addition to the dialects of seven of them, is a good example of decentralized development due to the specific needs of the product. Now it’s time for research in all things wireless to make sense of your devices.

Hiring in Madrid… and other foreign cities

On the company’s job site, many positions are offered from October to the same month of January in relation to the networks. For example, that of a wireless systems engineer for electrical or telecommunications engineers, network engineers, antenna designers, or radio frequency system integration.

Listed requirements include knowledge of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits; cellular network technologies, GPS, NFC, etc., as well as 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE or ultra-wideband (UWB), one of the technologies on which Apple has particularly bet in recent years .

Rumors from sources close to the selection process indicate that these contracts correspond to the upcoming opening of a wireless networks R&D center in Madrid, although we have not been able to confirm them.

All these positions, located in Madrid and for which the possibility of traveling up to 15% of the time is put forward, could correspond to the opening of an R&D center around the development of wireless networks, according to rumors that we could not confirm. From Applesfera we also contacted Apple Spain to try to get them to officially confirm this opening, but they declined to comment on it.

Although the positions offered for Madrid monopolize the interest of a Spanish media such as this, there are other offers linked to teams specialized in networks and antennas in other cities with descriptions and positions similar, such as in Shenzhen (China), San Diego (United States), Uxbridge (United Kingdom), Calgary (Canada), Bangalore (India) or Herzliya and Haifa (Israel).

On LinkedIn, several Apple employees are also posting these offers for positions in Madrid, including Pablo Vila, Apple’s engineering director in Cupertino and with a long career in the wireless networking industry: he went through the network teams of Nokia and Rf Integration Inc before founding Albentia Systems. He then joined Apple. He is an electrical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and earned an MBA from Northeastern University of Massachusetts. It has published several job offers in this direction, both specific and collective, in recent months.

We don’t know how far these contracts will reach and if they will eventually lead to the supposed R&D center in Madrid, but there are European precedents from Apple in a similar line. For example, with the silicon design center announced in March 2021 for the city of Munich, in which it is investing more than 1,000 million euros until 2024 for the development of its own 5G chips to replace those of Qualcomm used so far.