The developers of the App Store are not the only ones to benefit from new advantages (if justice allows it). Apple has launched its new News Partner Program, which improves conditions for media that sign up to follow Apple News.

Apple News Subscription Commission Halved

Apple offers a 30% to 15% reduction in the commission it charges media in Apple News for each annual subscription they receive from customers, and in return those media must “provide customers with access to their content through Apple News with the Apple News Format. ”Said Formed (ANF) is what Apple uses to integrate text and multimedia into its news service.

The company also reminds interested media that the ANF format supports the inclusion of advertisements for customers who do not subscribe to its payment plans, and that 100% of the revenue earned from these advertisements goes out of pocket. Apple doesn’t keep a dime. This new program is starting to be activated now, and surely the drop in the subscription commission will have interested more than one.

Apple News is still only available in a few Anglo-Saxon countries, having reached the UK and Australia two years ago. For the moment, we still have no clues of his arrival in other countries such as Spain or Mexico.