If you open System Preferences in macOS and you’re old enough, you’ll notice something: there have been cosmetic changes, but the basic structure of this panel has been the same for many years. Apple has stuck to the original panel structure that arrived with the first Mac OS X 22 years ago.

a 2022 macOS with a 2000 settings window

You can see the original look of the Preferences panel that Mac OS X originally had in the video above. In essence, it is very similar to the current one, only the available options and the design have changed. And this has caused complaints from some users, who argue that there are now so many options that it’s hard to find everything.

And how could the System Preferences panel be redesigned? Well, some designers and fans have submissions like this from Austin Valleskey, who gives the panel its own iOS design:

If system preferences were done today pic.twitter.com/2yKj1w9w4A

— Austin Valleskey (@austinvalleskey) February 1, 2022

This would fit perfectly with the design of System Settings in iOS and iPadOS, and would already make it very recognizable to the hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users. Whether it’s usable on a full PC remains to be seen, but it would at least be more familiar.

Another option is that of Ramsés Cabello, who applied the design of other macOS windows:

I felt so frustrated with the same topic last year that I had my own opinion on it too… pic.twitter.com/X73X0OdqrE

— Ramses (@RamsesCabello) February 1, 2022

This way the panel still looks different from anything we’ve seen, but it’s more user-friendly and integrates better with the rest of the system.

These are interesting proposals to see, each with its basis but with the same intention of making it clear to Apple that macOS preferences need to be redesigned so that they are not based on something that worked in the year 2000. be vigilant during the next editions of the WWDC to see if the next versions of macOS will take the plunge.