Sometimes when we talk about the revenue and financial numbers of big companies like Apple, we alone don’t realize how well their divisions are performing. And that’s a fact that usually lets us see the true size of the market for certain products, as happened with a recent estimate on AirPods.

Thung Phan, Canadian tech publisher, posted on Twitter an estimate of how much AirPods alone will earn in 2020. The number? $ 16 billion. That’s already more than the revenue from Adobe, eBay, Uber or even Mastercard.

More than half of the turnover of the entire accessories and wearables division

Let it be clear that I am not talking about the revenues of the accessories and wearables division, a public and accessible figure that stands at $ 30,620 million in 2020 and where the revenues of AirPods and other accessories like the Apple appear. Watch. We’re talking about an estimate of what AirPods would have generated on their own within that 30,620 million, and according to Canalys that would have been more than half. Come on, if the AirPods were a full-fledged independent business, they wouldn’t really be in bad health.

On July 27, we’ll find out if this division continues to perform well at a new financial results press conference. Rumor has it that Apple plans to release its third-generation AirPods between fall of this year and early 2022, with some sources suggesting we might see them sooner rather than later. A second-generation AirPods Pro would also see the light of day next year to complete the lineup and continue to drive sales.