Continuing the list of activity challenges for the Apple Watch that Apple launched throughout the year, the company is now preparing one in honor of national parks. A challenge that will invite us to be more active one day.

Celebrating natural parks while staying active is a good idea

To reach the goal of this challenge, we must complete a hike, walk or run training of at least 1 mile on the following Saturday August 28. The idea, of course, is that you can get closer to a natural park to take advantage of what these reserves have to offer.

Let’s take a day to appreciate the beauty of national parks around the world. On August 28, win this prize by logging a minimum 1 mile walk, walk, run or wheelchair workout with any app that adds workouts to Health.

In addition to the prize that we will see in the Fitness app on our iPhone, we will also receive four animated stickers that we can use in the Messages app, FaceTime or save as images for use on other platforms.

It is clear that between that and other functions of the Apple Watch, like starting competitions with our friends, as well as sharing the state of our rings, our watch invites us to move more, day after day.

By making our business a game, Apple is making us more active. The badge in the Activity app might just be a little symbolic twinkle, but the habit of staying dynamic is gradually setting in. And all of this while we celebrate a special day.