We are still in the process of switching from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips with ARM architecture, but the Cupertino company does not want to leave any future possibilities ignored. According to a job posting located on the Tom’s Hardware site, Apple would be interested in the RISC-V architecture.

Royalty-free efficacy: the winning combination of ingredients

A few days ago we were talking about this architecture in Engadget: its advantage is that it is open, so it would not be necessary to pay commissions to anyone to be able to use it. In addition, there are already European companies involved in its development, which would eliminate the Asian dependence which (among other factors) caused the shortage of semiconductors that we have above.

The candidate should have advanced knowledge of RISC-V architecture instructions, be an expert in computational efficiency (something key current M1 chips and their successors), program in ASM and C without getting dirty, and the ability to know how to prioritize various tasks at the same time. The successful candidate will work full time in Cupertino.

That Apple is testing this new architecture doesn’t mean that we’ll already have another transition in some time: for now they have to want to experiment with a long-term view and the technology can always change. Apple Silicon has a life for many years.