Infinite Loop is Applesfera’s daily podcast, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsula time), in which we talk about Apple and its competition seen through the prism of the Cupertino company. This is a ten-minute podcast, presented by Javier Lacort and edited by Santi Araújo.

These are the five episodes of this week, you can listen to them in full from this page.

#538: Apple in the Metaverse

At some point over the next few years, we’ll see how Apple positions itself against the rise of purely virtual environments for entertainment and communication. Cook has already given small hints after the presentation of the latest quarterly results.

#539: An MFAS

Do you remember the MFi program, launched in 2005 and still in force? It was very suitable for the time when everything was connected with cables. For an era as wireless as this, it wouldn’t hurt to see a revival in the form of patented…and licensed chips.

#540: Expand the family

No pending updates or entirely new lineups, just five product ideas Apple could launch to fill in the gaps for existing families.

#541: The Finger and the Moon, Peloton and AI Music

Apple’s purchase of AI Music in recent days is also the exact opposite of the rumored purchase of Peloton in recent weeks. A reduced workforce, an innovative feature rather than an entirely new range, and a future that once again points to augmented reality glasses and the virtual reality headset.

#542: Good links

A look at GoodLinks, a very powerful app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS to store and categorize our links of interest.

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