Information, like Mark Gurman, does not tend to say things lightly. Therefore, we take very seriously the data they published on the augmented and virtual reality glasses that Apple has been preparing for a long time: apparently they will have to be permanently connected to an iPhone.

A viewer whose images will be processed on another device

They reflect the information from 9to5Mac: the connection will be like that of Apple Watch models without LTE, which depend on our iPhone to function. The accessory chip will focus on communicating with a device (the same iPhone or maybe an iPad or Mac) that would be responsible for processing the images we would see through them. Basically, it would be a wireless screen that we would place right in front of our eyes.

The source also claims that Apple has completed the preliminary design of the chip, as well as that of the image sensor and display controller. Apparently the latter is “exceptionally large”, TSMC having had enough trouble making it. The next step is to start manufacturing testing.

We could see a first generation of this viewer in 2022, followed by augmented reality glasses in 2023. Of course, those plans can change depending on how the pandemic evolves and the semiconductor shortage evolves. It would be, with the Apple Watch, the other great product that Apple would launch under the baton of Tim Cook.