While waiting for the presentation of the augmented / virtual reality headset from Apple, we get to know some details of its design and even its approach, both commercial and use. In this regard, Mark Gurman spoke last Sunday, stating that Apple Glass will not be an all-day device.

A device for occasional use, not an everyday escape

We understand the metatarsus as something that goes beyond our universe. A virtual universe in which we can act with other rules. Currently, we are already in the metaverse; in which we have created with our messaging applications, short videos, virtual meetings and much more. Yet it is a metaverse that we do not access in an immersive way, but rather via the screen of our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Virtual / augmented reality glasses aim to change that, making the metaverse we already know a much more complete experience. In this regard, Mark Gurman spoke in the last edition of his weekly newsletter by declaring that he was told “almost directly” that the idea of ​​a “metaverse” is totally “prohibited” at Apple.

A less invasive single-use approach, at least in the early iterations.

A radically different approach from that of Facebook, now called Meta precisely because of this metaverse in which they hear us connecting all day. At Apple, the idea is to use this future virtual / augmented reality headset for games, communication and content consumption, not to become an “all-day device”.

“Here’s a word I’d be surprised to hear on stage when Apple announces its headsets: metaverse. I’ve been told very directly that the idea of ​​a completely virtual world in which users can escape, as they do. may in Meta Platforms / Facebook’s vision for the future is not in Apple’s plans. ”

The limitation, if we want to give it that name, however, does not seem to come from the hardware side. While it’s true that we’ll have to see what the specs of the first Apple Glass are, the idea of ​​setting up and designing this device as something for occasional use only has one intention.

To gradually join the world of virtual / augmented reality, the approach taken by Apple makes perfect sense. When this headset is available, we can use them to, without leaving home, meet our work team, watch a movie with our friends or play a game. When finished, we will remove the device and continue our day-to-day work. the day.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more information. A wait which, according to rumors, should not be very long, since we are waiting for the launch of Apple’s augmented / virtual reality glasses / headset this year. It’s clear that the initial approach will evolve over the different releases, but at first glance, it looks like Apple is already taking a different path than other players in the industry. We will be attentive.

Image | Vinicius “amnx” Amano