That the Apple Car is coming at some point is something we all take for granted. What we have less clear is when will be the right moment. There have been several rumors about this, the most recent one from DigiTimes, pointing to Apple aiming to reach mass production in 2024.

A very optimistic date, although realistic

According to the sources of the publication Apple is already in talks with several Asian suppliers including LG Electronics and SK Group a few months ago and Toyota more recently. Something that, while it may give us clues to an upcoming release, isn’t an absolute guarantee of the dates on offer.

To our knowledge, the Apple Car has been in development since 2015, that is, six years ago. The project underwent a model in 2017 to restructure and focus on the driving technology that Apple has long tested on the streets of California. In 2019, however, the possibility of building an entire car returned to the table, which has remained in effect ever since.

We’ve seen Apple reaching out to various manufacturers for a possible build deal for this rumored car, which dovetails with mass production in 2024, though the date seems, in all respects, somewhat optimistic. If delays can occur in the manufacture of an Apple Watch, it can be expected that the achievement of the level of excellence that Apple is aiming for with the Apple Car, even after the start of large-scale manufacturing. , requires some adjustments.

In any case, what we all have clear is that the Apple Car is approaching at high speed (always respecting the road limit, of course) and that it is called upon to mark a before and an after at both for business and for the automotive industry. industry in general. . According to sources at Reuters, the new Apple Car will bring as many surprises “as seeing an iPhone for the first time.”

Image | Samuele Errico Piccarini