It has been known for a few days that Apple has postponed the return to the office (initially scheduled for this fall) to 2022, but at Bloomberg they have already detected an attempt to gradually return to normalcy. The media have had access to an internal communication from Apple in which the company asks its American employees for their vaccination status.

The communication of this data will be completely voluntary, and if the employee gives in, he must do so no later than mid-September. In fact, in the states of Washington, California and New Jersey, this is data that by law had already been formally requested.

The data will be anonymous, voluntary and can help the return of the presence

In the statement, Apple promised that immunization data would be kept “safe and confidential,” and that even the most senior positions would not have access to the data of their subordinates. There are already companies in the United States that require their employees to be vaccinated, but at this time, Apple is not taking this step even though it has considered it.

The only possible identification, according to Apple, that could be made with the data is knowing details such as the building in which the employee works in order to organize themselves and “create a healthy and safe working environment.” We may not see Apple Park full again until next year, but it looks like Apple wants to try to return some of the equipment to offices based on its vaccination status. A gradual return instead of a sudden return, favoring staff who already have a busy schedule.