Without notice last night, the Apple Store Online was undergoing maintenance. A maintenance which although in general means that the launch of a new product is in preparation, this time it brought us a slight overhaul of the website by adding the Store tab at the top of the page.

Centralize products in one place

Similar to the Buy section of the Apple Store app, which we can use to purchase products from our iPhone or iPad, the new Store tab on Apple’s website centralizes all information in one place.

At the top of the page, Apple highlights all product families, starting with the Mac and ending with accessories. Each of these sections brings us to the corresponding portal where, with a design very similar to that of the main page, we are presented with the different models, accessories, support options, etc.

Back to the main page, after the products themselves, Apple also highlights the various options for purchasing, support, personalization, two-hour delivery, in-store pickup, and other features. Features that those closest to the brand will undoubtedly be familiar with, but now gain more importance than before, as they were spread across different sub-sections of the company’s website.

The Store tab, in fact, was already present in previous designs of Apple’s website, but it was removed for a while. Now, with their feedback, it is easier to see the different products at a glance, to keep abreast of promotions such as back to school for example, and ultimately to offer a more pleasant shopping experience. .