Apple is increasing its stake to empower communities historically discriminated against. If in January we saw a $ 100 million investment in the REJI racial equality and justice program, now the company is adding another $ 30 million to the basket with the intention of “dismantling the structures that perpetuate the institutional racism and inequalities ”.

Therefore, the total for the initiative already stands at $ 130 million in total. The reason for this expansion, according to Tim Cook himself, is the “urgency” of the task of making this world a fairer place: “These commitments will help the young leaders of today and tomorrow to create new businesses, to develop innovations and to inspire countless people to join the fight for justice.

More access to education in more American schools

The additional money will also allow an alliance between Apple and the University of California, which will promote a new “Global HSI Equity Innovation Hub” with which they want to facilitate access to education for those who have always had problems for the ‘to have.

In addition, Apple will extend the initiative to eleven new schools across several states with the collaboration of the University of Tennessee (Florida, Texas and Georgia among others) to promote learning programming to new generations. The Anyone Can Code program will gain more students through this gesture.

A special focus will be on the Latino and indigenous community, which will prioritize the expansion of the Apple Entrepreneur Camp for young programmers and receive investments from the Hispanic Access Foundation, the First Nations Development Institute and the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice. . Contributions to organizations fighting for the improvement of criminal and environmental justice will also be strengthened.

More programmers, more diversity and more equality when it comes to learning to be a developer. These are the pillars that Apple sees as fundamental to ensuring that the future of online applications and services is fairer for all.