Apple has acquired AI Music, a startup that created artificial intelligence capable of generating its own personalized music, according to Bloomberg. A purchase that has been closed in recent weeks and which, to our knowledge, is the first of this year 2022.

Songs that would fit great into Apple Fitness+

AI Music is the company behind the “Infite Music Engine”, an artificial intelligence designed to create the best audio solutions for fitness professionals, creative agencies, advertisers or marketers. The AI ​​can, in addition to composing its own melodies, dynamically adapt this creation in real time depending, for example, on the listener’s heart rate. Here’s how the company describes this AI:

“AI Music is at the forefront of exploring how artificial intelligence can change and adapt music. Simply put, we believe music should be accessible and contextually relevant to its creators and listeners.” “With our Infinite Music Engine and other proprietary technologies, we offer tailored solutions for marketers, publishers, fitness professionals, creative agencies and many more.” “Music that adapts to your heartbeat, audio advertising that matches the context of the listener, universal licensing across all formats… All of this is possible, and more, thanks to our cutting-edge research and to our internal evolutionary development.” “.

A purchase that may impact different services and features within the Apple ecosystem.

We don’t know how much Apple paid for the company, and what plans it will have for the technology and talent it has just acquired. However, we can make some assumptions. Apple Fitness+ is one of the services that could benefit a lot from this acquisition. Although the use of commercial songs during training is more than enough, the use of this AI could, if it does not manage to compose the music itself, perhaps change the song according to our rhythm training.

Another service or feature that could benefit from this acquisition is the Photos application, where Siri creates memories where, with a melody, photos of special occasions are selected and displayed. An AI capable of creating these personalized melodies could be interesting both to be able to have a royalty-free video, and to adapt its duration without resorting to repetitions.

According to Bloomberg, the British startup had around two dozen employees before the acquisition. Some employees who, without having official confirmation, could go to work for Apple in fields very different from AI itself. The same adaptive audio technology of AirPods 3 or HomePod must surely be able to benefit from engineers such as those who will form the staff.

Until Apple releases an official statement, which is not usual, we will have to wait a while to see what use the Cupertino company will give to its newly acquired talent and technology. iOS 16 and macOS 13 may already be too close to benefit from this proposal, but sooner or later we should see (rather hear) some movement.

Picture | Guillaume TECHER