The high quality and versatility of iPhone cameras is, without a doubt, a reason to buy for many users. At Apple, they are fully aware of this and regularly invite us to explore the possibilities of the cameras on our phones. Whether we’re taking advantage of the latest iPhone 12 or using a previous iPhone, there are plenty of techniques we can practice.

Cinema or night photography seen from another angle

Last week Apple released some of the coolest videos on our iPhone cameras. The first of these is part of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign, of which we have already seen other releases, and highlights everything the iPhone is capable of doing in terms of photography and video. The video explains three interesting techniques to achieve cinematic effects in an easy way.

Using the wide angle camera or just a light mounted on a bicycle wheel, we can get some pretty amazing photos. Not to mention the slow motion mode, which allows you to transform a quick shot into a show.

The second video focuses on night photography and is part of the new Today at Apple online sessions. In the video we are invited to walk around our city in search of light sources with which to give our photographs a foreign touch. Resources as simple as placing colored plastic in front of the camera or applying mist to the lenses allow us to capture some very interesting images.

Videos like these show us that the cameras on our phones, which accompany us everywhere, are much more versatile than they appear. By playing with perspective or light, we can achieve surprising short films, and all with our iPhone.