The silent drama is one of the highlights of this year’s festival in Locarno so far and should come at a price. Lead actress Saskia Rosendahl also impressed audiences.

Locarno (dpa) – Much applause for German cinema at the 74th Locarno International Film Festival: In the “Cineasti del presente” competition reserved for young filmmakers, the adaptation of the novel “Nobody is with the calves” has left the Iranian writer -German- director Sabrina Sarabi great impression.

The film based on the book of the same name by Alina Herbing sheds light on the daily life of the 24-year-old Christian (Saskia Rosendahl). She lives with her boyfriend on a farm in Mecklenburg. Despair dominates everyday life. Christin wants to escape it. But are your dreams realistic?

The moving social study is notably inspired by the sensitive play of the main actress Saskia Rosendahl (“Fabian or the dog walk”). It is mainly thanks to her that this quiet drama has so far been one of the highlights of this year’s festival in Locarno.

On the list of nominees for one of the awards, “No One Is With Calves” is expected to lead at halftime of the festival. But the competition is tough. And there are still plenty of highly anticipated films to come. The prizes will be handed out on August 14.