A few months ago, we told you that the Geforce NOW app has officially reached smart TVs, specifically LG TVs, being the first manufacturer to adopt NVIDIA cloud gaming technology with Samsung. However, the app was released in beta, with some limited functionality. Today, NVIDIA announces that the app is now officially available for all LG users.

This app is also updated with various new features including new image scaling options using artificial intelligence or settings to change the streaming quality.

Compatible with 2021 LG TVs

GeForce NOW is compatible with all 2021 LG 4K TVs, including OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD models. The app can already be downloaded through the LG Content Store, although from the store itself they warn that the app may not work if you don’t have a compatible TV. The company has already assured that GeForce NOW will reach more models, but there is still no information about it.

Among the novelties offered by this new version of the application, we find its new image scaling options, which go through three main settings; ‘AI Enhanced’, ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Standard’. Each brings a higher degree of upscaling, although the “AI Enhanced” option is only available for certain NVIDIA graphics cards and Shield TV.

With the launch of this new version comes five new games for your library, which we outline below in the list:

Mortal Online 2 Daemon X Machina Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Tropico 6 Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition

GeForce NOW currently limited to 1080p on TVs

We recently learned that, at least for the first half of 2022, the GeForce NOW app on smart TVs will be limited to 1080p resolution. NVIDIA’s intention is to offer up to 4K resolution, but that will come with time.

To take advantage of GeForce NOW, you must subscribe to one of its plans, which we detail here:

Free subscription: access to the standard platform and up to one hour of play per session.

Priority: premium platform, priority access to servers, session duration up to six hours and up to 1080p and 60fps. (49.99 euros every six months or 9.99 euros per month).

RTX 3080: Premium platform, access to servers with RTX 3080, sessions up to eight hours and performance up to 1440p and 120fps. (99.99 euros every six months).