Few answers available on future of Manomet’s only supemarket

Where will Manometians go for groceries when Stop & Shop shutters early next month?

The imminent closure of  Manomet’s sole grocery store, seems to be shrouded in a bit of mystery. Manomet Stop & Shop employees say that the store’s closure was “a corporate decision” made by Stop & Shop headquarters. According to  press release from the company,  the facility has slightly more than 25,000 square feet and cannot be expanded to provide additional amenities.

Selectman Betty Cavacco, a longtime Manomet resident, says she and other town representatives are concerned about the burden of the store’s closure on the Manomet community, especially for the elderly who rely on the accessibility of the local Stop & Shop, as well as residents who regularly walk to the market for their groceries. When the store closes in early January, the nearest supermarket outside of Manomet will be eight or more miles away.

Those who might know the future of the property aren’t saying. Neither the building’s owner,  Denver-based Black Creek Group, nor Stop & Shop corporate offices returned calls for comment.  Plymouth Economic Development Director Judi Barrett was also unavailable, citing her busy schedule in an e-mail.

“The Board of Selectmen have gotten our state delegation involved. I know State Representative Matt Muratore sent a letter to Stop & Shop, and is following up and asking for some answers. So we’re pretty much just waiting for that because it is such an integral part of our little village here and so many people depend on it.” Cavacco said, “We’re trying to do whatever we can, it may not be another Stop & Shop, but it definitely needs to be a grocery store.”

In recent weeks, small signs have been posted at the store to alert customers that the store will be closing. The signs are not prominent and as recently as this week some shoppers still did not know the store soon be gone. One elderly and disabled customer who was  shopping last Sunday night said he didn’t know  the store would be closing next month, “I am almost reliant on it more than ever. I don’t know why it would be shut down, it will be harder. That’s more gas money.”

For her part Betty Cavacco says, “I’m really hopeful that another grocery store is going to go in there. All I can hope is that history will repeat itself here. Because first it was an Angelo’s and then it was a Purity Supreme, and now it’s a Stop & Shop, so I’m hoping something else will come in its place.”

Manomet’s only grocery store is scheduled to close  Saturday, January 6, 2018.

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