Bill Gates said on Friday that the risks of severe disease from Covid-19 have reduced a lot but another pandemic may hit the world soon.

Bill Gates the Co-founder of Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, said that a new pandemic would likely arise from a different variant to that of the coronavirus family.

He suggested necessary investments should be made now in advanced medical technology, so that fight against any pandemic can be fought in a better way. Bill Gates said that there will another pandemic but it will be from another kind of pathogen.

He further said that the Covid-19 has been around for two years, and the severe effects of the pandemic were declining as the majority of the world population developed some level of immunity. The latest omicron variant showed that its severity also disappeared, he further added points to talk.

He also said, mainly the chances of severe kinds of disease are due to old age, being diabetic, or obesity. But now the chances of high risk are now greatly reduced even though exposure to virus occur.

He did not appreciate the global effort of the countries against viruses, But he said that immunity against viruses has to be developed as it is spreading among the population.

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He also pointed  that we are late in achieving the goal of 70 percent vaccination of the world population by mid of this year but he remains positive about the declined  severity of the disease. Right almost 60 percent of the population has already received at least one dosage of the vaccine against COVID-19

He asked health professionals and relevant authorities to work fast in developing and distributing vaccines against the virus.

Bill Gates added more and said that we should try and make vaccines in six months instead of two years if the next pandemic appears. He also said that mRNA technology should also be developed fast.

In end he also said that cost of controlling a pandemic is not same as the cost of climate change. He is hopeful that if the next pandemic appear we will fight it early and control it in a batter way than COVID-19.