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Another large-scale gas explosion in North Korea burns down 20 houses (1/2 page)

Ryanggang Hyesan in northern North Korea is both a good city and a bad city for the authorities. The width of the Kamo Ryoku River that flows through the town is only a few meters in a narrow place. The opposite bank is Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Jilin Province, China.

There are only geographical conditions like a show window opened overseas, and there is a North Korean specialty “monumental building” such as the Battle of Pochonbo Memorial Tower and Kim Jong Suk Arts Theater on the riverside. Lined up, luxury condominiums that would have been built in the recent real estate boom are growing like bamboo shoots after the rain. The situation is a good propaganda because it is captured in images and videos by tourists from China and abroad and residents of Changbai prefecture and transmitted overseas.

On the contrary, it also means that the realistic appearance of North Korea can be seen from the outside. It can be seen that the authorities do not want to show the market to foreigners, but if that is the case, information on incidents and accidents will be leaked.

The state of a large-scale gas explosion that occurred in a house in the city in August last year was also seen from the Chinese side, and numerous images and videos were distributed. The Nagaya was burned down, and it was a catastrophe that killed nine people.

(Reference article: North Korea’s gas explosion incident, local top apologizes for delay in response)


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