Slowly but surely, WhatsApp is making its service more secure, private and robust by introducing different features such as disappearing photos that can only be viewed once, or end-to-end encryption that the company has already put in place. place a few years ago. , in 2016. But in the air there are still some characteristics.

WhatsApp is already working on encrypting backup copies stored in Google Drive, for example, so that they are not only stored under the security of our Google key but also inaccessible in case they are accessed. The next step, WABetaInfo tells us, is the encryption of the backups on the phone itself.

Locally encrypted copies

Because yes, WhatsApp also creates backups on our phone even if we don’t want to upload them to a cloud service. Copies that we use to retrieve them if we have a problem with the chats or with the app itself. But these copies are now kept unencrypted. In other words, anyone with access to our phone can access it.

This is why WhatsApp is already working on encrypting the backup copies of your application locally. This means that the copies will not be accessible on our own device unless you have the access code. A feature that has so far appeared in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, so we assume that sooner or later it will also make the jump to the iPhone.

🆕 WhatsApp is also striving to bring end-to-end encrypted LOCAL backups on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android!
They were working on E2EE backups on Google Drive, but they will also extend the functionality for local backups.

This feature will be available in a future update.

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) August 3, 2021

This local encryption also means that we will not be able to recover chats if we lose the encryption key or forget the password, although this already happens with other similar services. Something risky in exchange for a higher level of security that protects our discussions from the eyes of strangers, in person or from afar.

Now, only the two new encryptions for WhatsApp backups are left to start being implemented for the rest of the users. Google Drive backup encryption has been discontinued due to connectivity issues with Google servers, but it will resume soon, and we’re confident that local encryption will be rolled out soon as well.

Via | XDA Developers