Music recommendations gain a new space in Android Auto thanks to a button that begins to appear on the vehicle’s console: a musical note. After pressing it, the system offers multimedia content online with user preferences and from applications like Spotify.

Few Google operating systems move as slowly as Android Auto: the platform acquires improvements almost in a dribble. Of course, over the past year or so it has sprinted, it’s not in vain that Google has widely opened up Android Auto to developers, especially those who develop navigation apps (the most important in the car ). The multimedia environment is also evolving, as shown by the latest innovation in testing.

Button with multimedia recommendations

Image by sscabrian (Reddit)

As is often the case with Google apps, the novelty has landed on the devices of a few select users. This was corroborated in the Reddit thread about the new Android Auto button, a musical note. Still do not show up in your car? We couldn’t get it out either.

As detailed in Reddit (image by sscabrian) and reflected in XDA Developers, the screens of some cars with Android Auto have started to include a small icon in the taskbar with a musical note. When you tap it, Android Auto offers personal music recommendations in the form of a floating window or a pop-up window. According to the lucky firsts, this recommendation was associated with Spotify.

Music recommendations are starting to appear in Android Auto with version 6.6.612534. It’s a very localized test, so there are hardly any devices that reflect it. The icon appears on the taskbar with the idea that a simple press is enough to receive new content to listen to. The recommendations are suitable for Spotify, although there are other media apps that also use this button.

We’ll have to wait until the recommendations button has finished expanding to all Android Auto. In principle, this is a minimal novelty which is however very comfortable: with a few keystrokes you can listen to related topics and without distractions.

Via | XDA Developers