The last time Google redesigned the interface of Android Auto was in 2019, launching a facelift full of important new features during this summer, such as its new navigation bar or its application drawer. During these three years, Google has been constantly adding improvements and new functions, but it seems that during this 2022 there will be another redesign.

The Android Auto 7.3 beta includes hints in its source code for upcoming new features that look to be coming to compatible cars in the coming months, and from Android World they’ve managed to enable some of these new features for us show the first screenshots of the screen.

The new features of Android Auto that are coming

One of the main new things that seems to be coming to Android Auto is a redesign of its interface. Google would remove the status bar that shows the time, connection and battery at the top of the screen to integrate this information into the navigation bar.

The navigation bar would revamp some of its icons such as the app drawer to provide a more familiar design, eliminating the circle icon for the classic drawer icon. We also see how the direct access to notifications changes from its position to the left of the bar to make it much more accessible to the driver.

Another major interface change is that it looks like split screen will no longer be exclusive to widescreens. According to the leak, all cars with Android Auto will now be able to see two applications at the same time, which will always allow us to see the GPS navigator while we consult the calendar, the music player or the weather, to name a few. just a few examples.

A mysterious app called Cast (Beta) with internal code MirroringApp appears to add a built-in Chromecast to Android Auto. It is assumed that this would be for the secondary screens that some high-end cars include, to allow their passengers to send content from their mobile to the screens in their seats.

Finally, the Android Auto Phone application will allow you to answer calls with an SMS. Next to the options to reply or reject, a new option to dictate a text message will appear.

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