With the arrival of the Google Assistant driving mode, it seemed clear that Google had plans to end Android Auto for phone screens, something that had already been suspected since 2019. The chronicle of this foretold death ends now, when Google has confirmed that Android Auto for phones will not be compatible with Android 12 or higher.

Android Auto for Phones is a small application that allows Android Auto to “stream” to the phone itself, rather than to the car screen. The good news is that in principle it will continue to work in previous versions. From Android 12, it will be replaced by the Google Assistant driving mode present in Google Maps.

Android Auto, in the car

A few years ago, Google decided that it wasn’t worth continuing to support Android Auto for two types of displays as different as a car’s infotainment system and the mobile display. Instead, Android Auto would be optimized for the car and a driving mode with similar functions would be created on the mobile.

The Google Assistant driving mode, available on Google Maps, took a lot longer than expected to activate in the world. Now that the rollout is quite extensive, Google is already determined to replace Android Auto for phones with said drive mode.

The driving mode of the Google Assistant

Google confirmed to 9to5Google that starting with Android 12, Google Assistant Confuction mode will be the integrated driving experience. It’s a somewhat convoluted way of saying that Android Auto for phones will stop working starting with Android 12.

While Android Auto for phones may continue to be installed on some mobiles with Android 12 from Google Play (and the rest of its APK), it will soon begin displaying a warning message, which states that “Android Auto is now only available for in-car screens. On your phone, try the Google Assistant driving mode, “according to XDA.

The good news is that in principle, it should continue to work on older versions of Android, at least for now. It’s clear that Android Auto on the phone is a thing of the past, so it’s best to get used to the idea that you’ll have to use the Drive Mode instead.

Via | 9to5Google