While we wait for Google to launch Android 12L during this first quarter of the year, we can see how the leaks of Android 13 continue. While screenshots of its first news appeared a few days ago, now an important feature has come to light that could change the way we transfer content between our devices.

Android Police discovered in a UI demo of a feature called Media Tap To Transfer, and that it appears Google wants to add native support for Android 13, a feature that arrived precisely in iOS 13 in 2019, allowing its users to users transfer music from their iPhone to a HomePod.

Touch to transfer

Until now the only way to transfer music to speaker was through the ‘Cast’ button on our mobile, but it looks like in the near future it will be possible to transfer music from device. to another with a simple “touch”, surely a touchless touch.

The leaked demo image created by Google, we see in the screenshot on the left, as in the upper part, a notification informs the user to approach the DEMO device to be reproduced. In the screenshot on the right we see how the notification warns that music is already playing on the DEMO device. In theory, this would be to transmit the music broadcast on the mobile to the speaker simply by bringing the two devices together.

It’s unclear what the implementation of this feature Apple calls Handoff will look like. The most logical thing is to think that Google will use the NFC or the UWB that from that year we will see in many devices to be able to turn our mobile into car keys. It’s also a mystery if this feature will be limited to speakers or if it will also allow streaming playback from mobile phone to tablet, or speaker-to-clock music playback, to mention. just a few examples. This could be the evolution of the latest Android Beam, but now focused on moving media content instead of transferring files.

Via | Android Police
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