With beta number 4 of Android 12, Google has improved the customization, including the expected Easter egg and, also, improved the recognition of images in the menu of the last opened applications. What do you want to download an image from Instagram? Pull down the menu and you can easily save it.

Little by little Google is refining the version of Android which will go to number 12. They no longer have a dessert name, at least officially, but they continue to accumulate a multitude of changes which show the great development of the system. Personalization and the simplicity of sharing items have gained a lot in recent years. And with Android 12 beta 4, it’s now much more intuitive to save photos.

Recent apps view makes it easy to save images

Detect photos and links in recent Android 12 apps

In the third beta of Android 12, Google integrated a tool to share browser links in seconds: an icon overlaid on the recent apps view, the one in which all the apps the user has opened appear. With beta 4, the phone also acquires a photos icon.

As they found out in Android Police, Android 12 beta 4, which is already available for most Google Pixels, overlays an image icon when the system detects photos in open apps. For example, just open Instagram and view recent apps, to directly save the image, share it, or send it to Google Lens. The new icon makes this function more intuitive.

Photo detection works with Instagram, Twitter, Chrome, and many more apps – all you need to do is bring the photo to the foreground of the app before showing the recent menu. The photo icon shares a site with the link: if the image is on a website, Android 12 allows you to share both the link and the photo from the latest applications by clicking on the corresponding icon (even if the icon does not appear, hold at the bottom of the image to share is also valid).

This simple function, which requires constant contextual analysis by the system, greatly facilitates the task of saving photos, especially in applications that do not allow direct interaction with the content. It is already available in beta 4 of Android 12, hope Google will keep this quick image editing in the future stable release.

Via | Android Police