Some Android Easter eggs are more elaborate than others. With three and a half betas already released, we were still wondering what the Easter Egg would be for Android 12. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman claims to have the answer: this is an example of the potential of Material You.

Although there may be changes before the final version of Android 12, the surveys of Mishaal and 9to5Google show us an Easter egg without too many ambitions that simply shows us one of the great novelties of Android 12: the Material You themes.


It’s time for Android 12

The Android 12 Easter Egg is not yet accessible even with beta 3.1, but its behavior has been disclosed. It will not be a mini-game, but rather a small animation that will show the possibilities of the Android 12 theme engine.

The way to activate the Easter egg itself is the same as usual: go to system settings, about phone> Android version and keep pressing 12 until you see a widget. clock is displayed. The colors of this widget are based on the wallpaper colors you are using at the time.

Another look:

– Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) July 26, 2021

The only thing you can do with this watch is change the time by moving the hands. When the clock strikes 12:00, the Android 12 logo and a small animation with circles are displayed. The grace of the set is that the colors of the clock, logo and circles vary depending on the wallpaper you are using at that time.

As an Easter Egg, that doesn’t sound the most exciting, although that may always change between now and the final version. After officially ditching Android desserts in Android 10, the company chose to use the Easter Egg to promote one of Android 12’s main new features: design. Something similar happened with Android Nougat (Custom Quick Settings) or with Android 11 (the shutdown menu commands).

Via | 9to5Google