Three weeks after Google released Android 12 Beta 4, the relevant fixes arrive in the minor update, Android 12 Beta 4.1. As on previous occasions, these are small corrections as a snack before the next version.

Android 12 Beta 4.1 fixes six errors that affect the Google Pixel with the latest beta of Android 12, although it is still a beta and therefore has some known errors. For more profound changes, we will have to wait for the next version, which should already be a Release Candidate.

Six fixes for Android 12

If you are testing Android 12 on your mobile, you should receive the update notice with version SPB4.210715.014, which introduces fixes related to calls via bluetooth, VPN, volume control and others.

As always, you can download Android 12 Beta 4.1 straight from your mobile. If you have a Pixel with Android 12 Beta, you can force the OTA update from Settings> System> System update> Check for updates. The update may take a few hours to appear as available, and you can also install it from its system image. Here are the changes:

Fixed an issue that caused some devices to loop restart after restarting the device

Fixed an issue where reminder notifications were sometimes not displayed, causing the user to swipe to the notification drawer to view them

Fixed an issue where the device volume controls would sometimes not work while streaming.

Fixed an issue where Face Unlock did not work on some devices

Fixed an issue that prevented users from granting Nearby devices permission to the Phone app in settings. Users who experience a lock loop with the Phone app when attempting to make a call via Bluetooth can now grant the required permission. To do this, press and hold the Phone app and tap App info, then go to Permissions> Nearby devices and select Allow

Fixed an issue where after connecting the phone to a VPN, the phone could not connect to the internet

According to the Android 12 update schedule, the next Android 12 update should be a Release Candidate, before the final version, perhaps sometime in September.

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