The set is doing well, but an extra had a positive test result. The start of “Cinderella” must be postponed, the employees isolate themselves.

London (AP) – Andrew Lloyd Webber has canceled the debut of his new musical “Cinderella” in London, which was scheduled for release this week.

The reason was a positive coronavirus case with an extra, which was discovered last weekend, the British composer announced via Twitter on Monday. He was forced to make the “heartbreaking decision” because of the self-isolating contact person rules in England, Webber said. Although all contact persons within the set were subsequently tested negative, they must now be isolated.

In England, almost all corona measures were lifted on Monday. Webber and many other theater operators in London’s West End and beyond had been looking forward to this day. For him, “Freedom Day” has now become “Closure Day,” said Webber. The decision, which had to be taken due to the government’s “crude instrument” in the form of self-isolation rules, will affect the “lives and livelihoods” of hundreds of people and disappoint thousands. who have already purchased tickets for the show, the composer added. The musical will be presented at the Gillian Lynne Theater.

The massive increase in new infections while relaxing corona measures is causing more and more difficulties in England. Because hundreds of thousands of people have to isolate themselves as contact people, trains are canceled, shops are closed, and schools take their summer vacation early. Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently in quarantine in his domain of Checkers.