We don’t know much about Apple Car, but what we do know is that it will mark a before and after within the company. A very ambitious project which is set to revolutionize the automotive industry forever. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty talks about all of this in the latest episode of the Apollo Effect podcast (via MacRumors.

“Apple is a leader in everything that will define the car of the future”

Initially, we thought the Apple Car was more of a service, like a device or software that can be integrated with cars from other manufacturers to provide vehicles with certain capabilities. What would become a kind of improved CarPlay quickly began to take shape as a complete vehicle, designed from start to finish. In this regard, Hubertly underlines Apple’s great ability to build vertical integration.

The integration with which Apple has so much experience will be crucial for the future Apple Car.

Taking the success of the iPhone and its strategy as an example, the analyst claims that Apple, as we have already mentioned, wanted to participate in the design of the vehicle and focus on how the software communicates with the hardware. , by choosing the right components and technologies to implement.

When you think about what will make the car of the future different, it certainly comes down to getting creative around new supply chains. It’s about the vertical integration of the various components, the design of the hardware, the software and ultimately the services that can be provided on this car. It is about the confidence and credibility of the consumer and of course the brand when it comes to a consumer product. And in all of these categories, Apple is the leader.

For the analyst “once the right car is obtained”, many services can be offered there. We can expect integration with Apple Music, with Spatial Audio, rear screens for Apple TV + or Apple Arcade, Car Key, compatibility with Find My, etc.

Changing the subject slightly, Hubertly also referred to Tim Cook’s recent tenth anniversary at the helm of Apple. For the analyst, Tim Cook’s work is phenomenal, which Steve Jobs would be proud of.

I truly believe Tim Cook has done a phenomenal job allowing Steve’s legacy to continue, protecting that legacy while building his own very distinct legacy. Steve had a lot to do with design and innovation and got into the weeds in those two areas. Tim has allowed the corporate culture to continue on this front, but at the same time he’s introduced some of the softer aspects that are harder to measure.

These aspects refer to how Tim Cook improved the success of operations while placing more emphasis on areas such as employee benefits, charitable giving and environmental responsibility.

Hubertly ends by stating that “he thinks if Steve looked down he would be very proud of the way Tim has built his own legacy while protecting the culture and differentiation around the design and innovation that Steve started. “. An assertion that has been true for many years and that will surely come to mind the day the Apple Car is presented.

Image | Vlad chompalov