When testing sound equipment and loudspeakers, it is recommended that you have a series of sound tracks that we know well so that they can be reproduced in the new system in question and thus check how they are reproduced, if there is any. has problems with certain frequencies, yes offers good bass etc.

They are also usually useful when setting up a sound system for the first time in a room, for example to see if you have connected the speakers correctly or left something to plug in, to find out. if the polarity of the cables is correct or there is something wrong.

On other occasions, we have talked about different interesting music recommendations for performing these tasks, each with its specific purpose and which we could access from sources like streaming services which usually do not stand out for offering the highest technical quality in their free versions and that of course they require an internet connection.

Today I bring you something different that I had used a few times and that I had forgotten until a few days ago, when I came to rediscover it by chance while surfing the Net.

This is the Focal Tools CD, a set of tracks recorded in CD-Audio quality (44.1 kHz sampling and uncompressed 16-bit resolution) and that the French manufacturer offers for free on its website with the intention that all user can download them to your computer and use them to test stereos and speakers.

There are a total of 44 tracks, most of them with technical contents that evaluate from certain isolated frequencies, blocks of them, check stereo channels, polarity, there is pink noise, digital silence for check the background noise of our team and there are also some tracks with various musics.

What is interesting about this album to begin with is that it is free and that it is available for direct download via the web. But also we can choose to download it completely to, for example, burn it to a CD and have it always available, but we also have the possibility to download the tracks separately in WAV format, so that we do not have to handy than those they are more interesting to us.

Official site and download | Focal