Dubai, Ta. 20
An Israeli businessman’s oil tanker was attacked in the waters of Oman in the Arabian Sea. This claim has been made in a report by the British Army’s Marine Trade Operations. However, the information about who carried out the attack and how much damage was done is not yet known.
An Israeli private oil tanker was attacked in the Arabian Sea, 200 km from Oman. The British Army’s Maritime Trade Operations said an investigation had been launched into the incident. Israel has not issued an official statement on the attack. Oman denies the allegations The US Navy based in West Asia has not yet released any details. The name of the ship that was attacked was Mersett Street. The incident happened near Masira Island in Oman.
Sources ruled out the possibility that the attack was done with the intention of piracy. This attack is being linked to the ongoing tension between Israel and Iran. An Israeli cargo ship was also attacked last month. The Israeli army has claimed responsibility for the attack.
The London-based Zodiac Management of Israeli businessman Eyal Afar’s Zodiac Group said the Libyan flag on an oil tanker named Mersek Street was Japanese in origin. Sources also said that it was not filled with oil. According to Maritime Traffic, the attack appears to be based on a satellite image. The attacker attacked in front of the police recruitment center later in the afternoon. However, there was no official explanation.