Apple has Move to iOS on Google Play and now Google appears to be working on Switch to Android, an app that will be available in the App Store to make it easier to migrate from an iPhone to an Android mobile.

The hint comes directly from the code contained in the APK of the Google Data Restore Tool, where it directly mentions that you need to download “Upgrade to Android” from the App Store to complete the migration. The app is not yet published in the iOS App Store.

Switch from iPhone to Android

Switching to Android is the exact same name Google used for the official iOS to Android migration page. On this page the usual steps are mentioned so far: install Google Drive on iPhone, make a copy of everything and turn off iMessage. Apparently Google is working on a new migration tool, equivalent to Apple’s Move to iOS.

In the APK of the Data Restore Tool, there are several mentions of an app called Switch to Android, which is reportedly available in the App Store. An important novelty is that the data would be transmitted with Wi-Fi Direct, instead of requiring you to use a cable to connect the two devices.

Until now, data was transmitted with a cable

The second big news is that Google seems to have made some adjustments in the texts of the transfer tool to mention that the applications will also be migrated. For technical reasons, it seems quite unlikely that the apps and their data will be copied, so maybe it is something simpler like identifying the apps you have installed on the iPhone and downloading them to Android mobile.

Right now, Switch to Android isn’t showing up anywhere in the App Store, so we’ll have to wait. This is not the only innovation in terms of migration that we have seen recently. Just yesterday, we learned that Data Transfer Tool is preparing to migrate WhatsApp chats.

Via | 9to5Google