Everything seems to indicate that the renewal of the iPad mini is closer than ever. We think we already have enough information about this new iPad and now there are pictures of the alleged aluminum mold for making cases and accessories. A mold that gives us more information about this iPad mini and confirms some rumors.

Like an iPad Air, but tiny

Apple has a habit of shipping molds of its new products, especially if these are heavily revised, to certain manufacturers so that they can get into cases and accessories. In Techorado they supposedly made one of these molds and from the resulting photographs we can extract a lot of information.

The first thing that stands out is that, according to this mold, the new sixth-generation iPad mini will have the same design as the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. A screen design only with drastically reduced bezels compared to the previous generation.

In the case of an entry iPad, we allow ourselves to deduce that it will not have Face ID. Add to that the sheer size of the unlock button on the top of the device, it seems clear that the Touch ID sensor will be there.

If this is a real mold, it would be the clearest confirmation that the development of the iPad mini is already in the final stages, indicating an upcoming launch. The one that, if one is careful with rumors, should occur this month of September or October at most. The wait for the renewal of the iPad mini has been a bit long, but this design is sure to please more than one fan.