Kabul, Ta. Sunday 29 August 2021

All 13 US soldiers killed in an ISIS-K suicide attack in Kabul on Thursday have been identified. Including a female Marine. A picture before the death of Nicole G was very much discussed. In which he was seen loving like a mother by embracing an innocent Afghan child.

A few days before her death, US Marine Nicole G was seen escorting people on a plane. Through which people migrated from Afghanistan. If the explosion had not happened, Nicole ji would have returned to America by now and she would not have died in the explosion at the Kabul airport.

The US military says a car bomb exploded at an Iraqi police recruitment center in Kisak, west of Mosul, killing Jinu.

As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, there was an atmosphere of panic at the Kabul airport. Everyone just wants to leave Kabul as soon as possible. Marine Sergeant G. Nicole is seen leading people to a security checkpoint at the airport a few days before her death. In another photo, he is seen holding an Afghan child in his arms. The US military still controls Kabul airport.

The family and friends of the soldiers who were martyred in Thursday’s bomb blast have received information about the blast. Some expressed dismay at the alleged planning and leadership failures that led to the loss of their loved ones.