New York, Tuesday, February 8, 2022

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is known for his brutality. It is colorful as well as colorful. Kim Jong Un does not travel to any country in the world except Russia and China. He has raised an iron claw of security so that the world does not have any information about the events and political situation in his country.

It continues to test nuclear-powered and lethal missiles without provocation. Kim Jong Un has lived with American rulers in the twelfth lunar month, but an American company named after Kim Jong Un, the third heir to the dictatorship of the Kim family in North Korea, claims to have made underwear.

On which a photo of Kim Jong Un can be seen. Another condom company is branding Kim Jong Un’s name. Tyrant Kim Jong Un has a catchline on his condom wrapper, which features a smiling picture of him. It has 12 different portraits of the dictator.

There is also a photo of former US President Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un in a month. Marketing gossip in the US is no surprise, but many are surprised to learn that a US company sells brand names and photographs of America’s arch enemy and a man who passed missile tests. However, there has been no response from the regime of dictator Kim Jong Un, who has remained isolated from the world and rarely appeared in public.

Kim Jong Un – the dictator who strangled America with nuclear weapons and nationalism

Kim Jong Un, the 9-year-old son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, died on 6 December 2011. The inexperienced young man couldn’t handle North Korea at such a young age, that’s why he was so wrong.

Kim Jong Un has become very powerful by carrying forward the inherited nationalist policies and defense agenda. It has consolidated its monopoly power despite international pressure from superpowers like the United States.

North Korea has an atomic bomb 16 times more powerful than the 13th atomic bomb dropped on Japan. It has alerted the people of North Korea to war and has mobilized more than three million soldiers. According to the self-power theory adopted by his grandfather Kim Il Sung, he has limited relations with the countries of the world.

The rulers of North Korea do not go far beyond China and Russia. According to his grandfather Kim Sung Il and father Kim Jong Un, the current dictator of the Kim family, Kim Jong Un, has awakened nationalism and madness among the people of North Korea. Teaching that everything is in the hands of man has created a kind of ego.