Amazon will disappear if US doesn’t engage in dialogue with Brazil, says Kerry, Biden envoy

Deforestation in the Amazon. Photo: Mayke Toscano / AFP

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, the government’s top climate authority Joe Biden, said Wednesday (12) during a hearing in the US Congress that the US dialogue with the president’s government Jair Bolsonaro is a way to prevent the Amazon from “disappearing”.

He defended the negotiations with Brasília as the best alternative in the search for forest protection and said it was necessary to “find out what is happening” in the Amazon rainforest. “A day after the promise to eliminate illegal deforestation by 2030, President Bolsonaro approved a 24% cut to the environmental budget for 2021. What is the US policy for the Brazilian Amazon and how can we fix it to the constant lack of resources in regulation the current government of Brazil? Asked Democrat MP Albio Sires.

“They say they are now determined to increase the budget and that they will put in place a new structure. We are ready to talk to them, not blindfolded, but knowing where we are. But if we do not don’t do it. talk to them, they are assured that the forest will disappear, “Kerry said. The two countries are trying to shape a structure to verify the goals and hold the Brazilian government accountable.”

Kerry said he hopes to see talks with the Brazilian government come to fruition. “We’re in the middle of this negotiation now. We started a few weeks ago. We’ve had some good conversations and we’re hoping to turn intention into action, which is effective and verifiable. Obviously there are challenges ahead and we recognize those challenges, ”said Kerry.

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