It was at the end of September that we discovered a new connected speaker from Amazon. A model with a screen that responds to the name Amazon Echo Show 15. And now, just from 2022, the new speaker arrives in Spain and we already know its price.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is Amazon’s largest display speaker. Unsurprisingly, we are faced with a screen with a larger diagonal than many laptops on the market and to put things into context, 3 inches larger than a 12-inch iPad Pro.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 has a clear purpose: to be the control center of our home. To achieve this and with its enormous diagonal, we find ourselves in front of a screen that can be placed vertically or horizontally, as if it were a painting.

Echo Show 15


15.6 inches


1080p Full HD


Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge


Visual ID

Built-in Alexa


5 megapixels



Inside the Amazon Echo Show 15 is the Amazon AZ2 Neural Engine, its own machine learning processor capable of locally processing machine vision algorithms and enabling the use of the visual identification system.

This is responsible for recognizing the person in front of the screen and adapting the content displayed in the form of reminders, events on our calendar, recent music we have heard and notes.

Ideal for viewing content in the form of video via applications such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video… this large screen also allows you to make video calls thanks to its integrated webcam with a resolution of 5 megapixels. For those who are concerned about privacy, the camera can be covered with a physical cover and, in addition, we can press a button to deactivate the microphones.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 has Alexa built-in so we can use voice commands to ask Alexa to play a movie, turn on or off connected devices, play music, and a long list of other actions.

Price and availability

The Amazon Echo Show 15 can be reserved now through Amazon Spain at this link for 249.99 euros and will start shipping soon.

Introducing the Echo Show 15 | 15.6″ Full HD smart display to organize your family life with Alexa